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Choose centerpieces for your wedding that blend well with your theme

Every small detail of your wedding décor matters and it can make a whole lot of difference when it comes to the “vibes” your event is sending out. Therefore, attention to detail is highly important if you want to make sure your wedding if flawlessly beautiful.

How to match your centerpieces to your wedding theme? We have some guidelines for you – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Rustic-chic. With rustic and barn weddings so popular among brides, you might have considered having one yourself as well. What a great idea, especially for a spring or summer wedding date! Match your centerpieces to the wild, naturally beautiful look of the wedding by bringing together unstructured flower arrangements in unique “vases” (such as buckets or mason jars). It will look gorgeous!

  • Classic. If you are the kind of bride who wants her Big Day to be inspired by the most romantic Disney movies, you are more likely inclined towards a classy wedding décor. Create centerpieces that are equally elegant and timeless by combining light-colored classic “wedding blooms” (i.e. roses, hydrangeas, peonies, and so on), with understated vases and a generally well-structured appeal.

  • Glamorous. Planning a wedding that feels opulent and truly glamorous? Search for centerpiece ideas that reach for the ceiling, with magnificence and luxury “incorporated” in the lush blooms and crystal touches. This is the kind of wedding centerpiece that makes guests go “wow" as soon as they see it!

eDry Bar can help you achieve the perfect wedding look! With years and years of experience in pulling off perfect hairstyles, with a team whose attention to detail is almost obsessive and with a true passion for making ladies feel like drop-dead-gorgeous VIPs, we can ensure your wedding hairstyle will be absolutely flawless. Contact us and find out more about our services!

Photo source: pudgeefeet

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