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Following these hairstyling tips will have you looking beautiful on your wedding day

Your hair should always look gorgeous – and even more so on one of the most important days of your life. How to make sure that happens? How to ensure your hair is simply flawless on your Big Day? Here are some hairstyling timeline tips you will surely find useful:

  • Six months before. This is not necessarily the time to know exactly what your hairstyle will look like (although it is great if you do know!). However, be sure you at least know the length and color you want to shine in on your wedding day. This will give you enough time to grow out your hair (or cut it, if needed), color it, and make any changes you may want without damaging your hair.

  • Three-four months before. Now is the time to really decide on the exact hairstyle. Gather pictures, create Pinterest boards and buy the hair accessories you want to wear on the Big Day. Don’t rush, but be sure you do make the final call.

  • One-two months before. Start attending hairstyle appointments. This will allow the stylist to play with your hair and see what works best for you, for your type of hair and for its texture.

  • Two weeks before. You have already colored your hair – so now’s the time to make all those touch-ups in terms of color and length. Nothing too dramatic, though! You will not have enough time to make big changes right now!

eDry Bar can help you have the stunning hair every bride dreams of. If you are planning your wedding in Pittsburgh, and if you are ready to awe everyone with the beauty of your hairstyle, be sure to contact us as soon as possible! Our talented, dedicated and truly experienced stylists are here for you!

Photo source: jhoana.tamayo

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