Achieve a natural look as the bride

Here, at eDry Bar, we understand better than anyone how important a bride’s look is for her. But we also understand that beauty transcends makeup brands and techniques – it is deeply seeded into one’s mind and soul.

Even so, you will want to do everything in your means to ensure you look perfect for the Big Day. How to achieve a perfectly gorgeous bridal look, the natural way? Here are some tips of advice to help you with this:

  • Don’t go to facials anytime near the wedding day. Preferably, your last facial treatment should be applied many weeks before the actual Big Day – so if you plan on solving any type of skin issues, be sure you do it in time. After all, rashes can really affect the way you look (and feel!) on the Big Day.

  • Be sure you use a very good primer before applying anything else. The primer’s role is that of making the skin more uniform, so that all makeup applied on top looks more natural. Furthermore, a good primer will also make the makeup last for a lot longer and it will also intensify the colors you embellish yourself with.

  • Also, remind yourself to use a quality mascara on your wedding day. It will look a lot better than a cheap one and it will gorgeously complement your entire bridal look. Make sure your mascara is waterproof too – the last thing you want is a surprising “smoky eye” created by your mascara when you cried!

eDry Bar can help you look gorgeous on your wedding day. Come visit our salon, learn more about our amazing hairstyling services and book us for your Big Day in Pennsylvania – we guarantee you will not regret it in any way – not once you see how pretty your style is!

Photo source: kino-fist

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