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Pick the Best Hairstyle for Your Bridesmaids Too!

Your wedding attendants are important to you. Not only are these lovely ladies the ones who will announce your big entrance at the ceremony and the ones who will help you entertain the guests, but they are also your best friends – the kind super-women who stood by you through thin and thick while you were planning your wedding.

Of course you want them to look amazing!

How to pick the best hairstyle for your bridesmaids too? We have some ideas – so read on if you are looking for inspiration.

  • Chignon. Simple, yet timelessly elegant, this hairstyle can never go out of fashion. It suits both casual and ultra-elegant weddings, it works with a variety of styles, and it accentuates the natural femininity in every woman, regardless of her face shape. What more could you want from a hairstyle? Your bridesmaids will be more than happy with this option!

  • Lovely curls. Regardless of whether you settle for loose, beach waves or angelic curls inspired by the Hollywood Golden Age, you are guaranteed to achieve a naturally stunning and glamorous effect. Your bridesmaids will surely appreciate this feminine, easy to wear hairstyle choice!

  • Braided headband. Planning a casual or rustic-chic wedding? This cute boho style is perfect for lacy dresses and unconventionally elegant weddings. It can be easy to pull off by basically anyone and it offers plenty of options when it comes to personalization too – such as flowers braided in the hair, or luxurious pieces to make the style more glamorous.

Looking for the best wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Contact eDry Bar! We have the experience, the talent, and the high level of attention to detail to make this a truly perfect service for you and your lovely ladies on the Big Day!

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