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Hair up or hair down? Which accompanies your dress the best?

Weddings are among the most magical events in one’s life. At the same time though, they are among the most stressful ones as well. The way you look as a bride, the way your wedding reception will look, the music you will be playing and other 1000 details – they will all matter equally for a bride who wants her wedding to be just as she has been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl.

Your wedding dress is obviously very important – but how you match it with your shoes, with your makeup and with your hair is very important too. One of the many dilemmas you will have to face when choosing a hairstyle is that of the “hair up” – “hair down” issue. Which one will actually be more suitable and why? Read the following tips and keep them in mind because they will narrow down your list of options considerably:

  • Take a good look at your dress. This is where the choice of your hairstyle will start.

  • Normally, dresses that show cleavage (and especially those who show the shoulders as well) work great with the hair down.

  • Dresses that have something on your shoulders (such as a bow or thicker straps, for example), as well as dresses that have longer sleeves or dresses that partially hide the neck work better with the hair up.

  • You can always opt for a half-up-half-down hairstyle, as they can look very pretty on multiple types of dresses.

  • Do keep in mind that the shape of your face should bear an important role too, since your hairstyle will have to compliment it.

Once you have decided (at least broadly) on what type of hairstyle you want, remember to visit eDry Brow and Blow Dry Bar to see what wonders our expert stylists can work on your hair – and, why not, to pamper yourself for a bit before the biggest day of your life.

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