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Your Big Day Kit Should Definitely Contain These Items

Planning for the Big Day in Pittsburgh includes a lot of elements you need to consider. However, your bridal look is probably not even by far the least important thing on your list of priorities.

Of course, hiring a good makeup artist and a good hairstylist, as well as buying the perfect wedding dress and accessories will all help you feel fabulous on the Big Day.

What do you do to make sure you keep your self-confidence up throughout the entire event? What are some of the bridal SOS kit “ingredients” you should really make sure to grab before you leave your “Getting Ready” room? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Pack some of the makeup basics. You don’t have to pack away all the makeup you have ever owned. Pack just a few things that are essential when you want to refresh your look. A bit if pressed powder can do wonders for that oily T-zone. A bit of blush will make you look fresh and happy. A bit of lipstick will add a dash of color to your face. And a little bit of eyeshadow will make your makeup pop again just like it did in the morning.

  • Pack refreshing items as well. Deodorant or deodorant wipes, wet wipes, perfume, dry shampoo (but only if your hairstyle will not be ruined if you use it!!!), cotton buds (to wipe that running mascara around your eyes) – these things can really help a lot when you’re constantly moving around and want to feel fresh.

  • Don’t forget about the dress SOS kit. You don’t want to stain – or even worse, tear apart – your dress. Of course you don’t want that! However, it is important to acknowledge that accidents DO happen – and it’s great if you’re ready to face them. Stain remover for white clothes, bobby pins, thread and needle, chalk (for covering up stains) – these small items can turn into real life savers for a bride on her Big Day.

Have you booked your Pittsburgh wedding hairstylist yet? If you are still looking around, be sure to come and see what eDry Bar offers as well! Contact us now and we will make sure to help you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day. Contact us and you will never regret it!

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