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Your Groom Wants to Look Great Too! Here Are Some Tips for Choosing the Best Tuxedo

Finding the perfect wedding dress and creating the perfect bridal look is, of course, important to you as the bride. However, keep in mind that it is equally important for your groom to look good as well.

How can he do that? What are some of the best tips to keep in mind about finding a truly good-looking tuxedo in Pittsburgh? We have some tips for you and for him – so read on and find out more.

  • Your groom should and definitely has the right to have an opinion about what he will wear on the wedding day. Allow him some room for movement, instead of sending him to the rental store with a swatch of what you imagine the perfect suit or tuxedo to be like. Of course, you definitely want to coordinate everything with the bridesmaids and the wedding décor, but that doesn’t mean your groom shouldn’t have a say in the entire process.

  • Furthermore, remember that the hardest part of wearing a rental tuxedo is making it look like it’s not actually rental. For this to happen, you want to make sure your groom’s tuxedo or suit is very well-fit to his body. The larger or smaller the tux is, the more uncomfortable the groom will be throughout the day – this will not look good, and it will definitely not make him feel good either.

  • Fabric is really, really important! Not only is it important to be well-suited to the type of wedding you are planning and to the season outside, but it is really important to look good on your groom as well. Different fabrics look really different on people, so it’s essential that both of you understand what looks great and what doesn’t.

  • Make sure your groom actually tries on the suit or tuxedo. This is closely connected to the two tips above – to see how the tux looks on him, the groom should absolutely try it on LONG before the wedding (enough so that there’s enough time to get a new one or get this one adjusted).

Looking for a truly talented wedding hairstylist for your Big Day in Pittsburgh? Contact eDry Bar and allow us to be the ones who will make you feel drop down gorgeous as a bride! Contact us – we’re here for you and we will make sure you are 100% happy with your bridal look!

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