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The Wedding Dress Trends of Fall/Winter 2018

Bridal beauty is important to you, of course! You want your lipstick to be perfect and you want every single curl in your updo to look stunning. Beyond anything though, you want to walk down the aisle feeling beautiful, confident, and absolutely radiant.

Sure, summer isn’t even fully here – but for those of you getting married next fall or winter, there are some pretty good news ahead: the wedding dress trends for the cool season (2018) are here!

What are the trends that will dominate the bridal industry this winter? We have some tips – so read on and find out more.

  • Split sleeves. After off-the-shoulder dresses and detachable sleeves, split designs are making their way into multiple designers’ work. This is really exciting because these dresses come in a huge variety of options, they look really interesting, and they will definitely make you stand out from the crowd. What’s not to love about them?

  • Halter tops and high necklines. As it seems, the aforementioned off-the-shoulder design is slowly going out of fashion, leaving room for gowns that cover a little more skin. The halter top is perfect for an early fall wedding, while the high neckline is just a gorgeous option for a winter wedding. Such practical trends for the cool season!

  • Golden touches. Want to feel precious as you walk down the aisle? We bet you do – and what other color could ever be more suitable for this than gold? If you want a dress that doesn’t follow the white tradition, but you still want to keep it within the limits of formality, a golden dress is just perfect for you. So flattering! So luxurious!

  • Millennial pink. If you talked to researchers a couple of years ago, they would have said Millennials will never get married. And yet, here we are, with more Millennial weddings happening every month and every year. Even more, the color so famous for the representatives of the Y Generation has made its way onto bridal runways too! If you want a suave, playful, feminine, and unconventional wedding dress, choose Millennial pink. It will look amazing.

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