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You Just HAVE TO Love These Bridal Hair Trends of 2018

As Pittsburgh hairstylists, we know just how important it is for brides to look amazing on their wedding day – and we know just how important their hairdo is for the entire look. Of course, you make no exception from this norm – and you definitely want to hear about the latest bridal hair trends of 2018 and why they are such amazing choices.

We have gathered those for you right below – so read on and find out more.

  • Very sleek ponytails. Don’t think of the ponytail you make when you brush your teeth and remove your makeup. These ponytails are ultra-feminine, sweet, and they have that special kind of elegance that’s just perfect for brides. Combined with knots and/or special accessories, even the simplest ponytail can make a huge fashion statement, especially for a minimalist bride.

  • Low buns, with messy finish. Want a hairstyle that’s romantic and elegant, but definitely not too much over the top? A messy low bun is exactly what you need. They come in all shapes and sizes under the sun, so you will definitely find one you absolutely LOVE and works well with your wedding dress and overall wedding style.

  • Simple waves. This is a timeless look, but it seems that this year, a lot of brides are opting for it. Simple, romantic waves are just ideal for the bride who wants to feel like a modern-day princess on her wedding day, but still doesn’t want to go too much over the top. Accessorized with tiaras or flower crowns, this style will look absolutely marvelous on virtually any bride out there.

  • Braids. Again, this is an evergreen bridal hairstyle – but there are very good reasons that make it so popular. For once, it’s comfortable. But more than anything, it’s the kind of style that can be adapted to any woman, any face shape, and any preferences. Plus, it works marvelously well with rustic chic and casual weddings – so there’s really nothing not to love about it, no matter how you choose to reinterpret this style.

Have you booked your Pittsburgh wedding hairstylist yet? If not and if you are still looking for the BEST, you are in the right place. Contact eDry Bar and learn more about us, our talent, and our dedication to creating bridal hairstyles that are downright awe-inspiring. Contact us and you won’t regret it!

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