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How to have the perfect outdoor wedding

Outdoor weddings have their special kind of appeal and they really make for wonderful memories. However, you can never actually plan how weather will be like on your wedding day and this is why you should make sure that your wedding will be amazing even if it rains outside.

How can you do that? Here are some tips:

  • Tent rentals. Take a good look at the tent rentals available out there. These days, wedding tents can accommodate large numbers of guests and they look genuinely good as well. With a bit of decoration and with some AC/heating devices installed inside the tent, your wedding guests will feel absolutely great even if the rain decides to take a chance at ruining your day (which it will obviously not manage to do).

  • Talk to your videographer and photographer. Tell your photographer about the option of having an outdoor wedding and discuss with him/her the options you have in case it rains. He/she can bring professional lightning so that everything looks great even if the skies are a bit cloudy. Also, bring an umbrella – it will make for some really cute and romantic wedding pictures!

  • Don’t take it too hard. You can plan your flowers and your toasts, but weather is simply out of human control. If it rains, make sure you have the time of your life no matter how much you would have wanted for the weather to be sunny. Seriously, this is a once-in-a-lifetime event and you shouldn’t let some drops of water ruin it! Bride World can help you by putting you in contact with some of the best wedding vendors – including photographers and party rental companies that can provide you with the “tools” you need in order to fight rainy days!

Winter weddings are really popular out there, especially because they are really romantic and unique. If you plan on having a winter wedding too, make sure you plan your wedding around the season as well.

Of course, you will choose the most beautiful winter wedding décor and the most delicious dishes – but have you given your drinks a thought too? Here are some fabulous ideas for creating the perfect custom winter wedding drinks:

  • Cinnamon and apple martinis. Martini is very frequently considered to be a “must” for weddings, so make sure you sprinkle yours with some “Christmas flavor”. Add apple and/or cinnamon and create a really unique cocktail everyone will enjoy.

  • Cranberry juice and vodka. Cranberry is another holiday-favorite when it comes to winter celebrations so why not include it in your drinks as well? Mix it with vodka for a great, slightly sour taste that will spoil everyone’s taste buds!

  • Pumpkin pie cocktails. Combine pumpkin liqueur with martini or with another spirit and create a signature drink that will really taste like “holiday spirit”!

  • Mulled wine. Popular in Central and East European countries, mulled wine is more than just a drink – it is comfort and “heating” as well. Basically, mulled wine is made by boiling wine with sugar, cinnamon and other spices and by serving it with a slice of lemon or orange. Really great taste and it definitely fits into your winter theme too!

  • Irish hot chocolate. This is not necessarily an alcoholic drink (unless you decide to “spill” one too many spoons of Irish cream in it), but it will most definitely delight your guests!

eDry Brow and Blow Dry Bar can help you get ready for the Big Day no matter what the season with hair and makeup and spa treatments and massages that will relax every single muscle in your body. Come visit us before your wedding day and recharge your batteries with our energizing treatments!

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