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10 Makeup Tips for Longer Eyelashes

Many women envy those with thicker, longer eyelashes. Lengthy, upturned lashes enhance your eyes and make them appear larger, more alert and vibrant. They also make your face look years younger. Eyelashes draw attention to or detract from your eyes, whichever you prefer. There are a few tricks that can make your lashes look fuller, longer, sexier and healthy.

Lash Growth:

One of the easiest is to invest in a lash growth serum such as that available at eDry Brow and Blow Dry Bar. For just a few dollars and a few dabs a day your lashes will grow longer, naturally.

Lash Extensions:

If you really want your eyes to POP, for a few dollars more you can invest in a set of permanent lash extensions. These are not your momma's falsies - the lash extensions that are used at the best spas and salons like eDry are individual lashes that are glued to each of your existing lashes. They can be as long as you like and they are already the color you want so NO MORE MASCARA.

The Condition of Mascara Can Prevent Longer Eyelashes

If your mascara is too thick, old or clumpy, you will struggle to apply the several layers necessary for thick, full eyelashes. Additionally, mascara older than three months may carry bacteria that cause eye irritations and infections. To learn how to get longer eyelashes, read these 10 makeup tricks:

1. Bend the Wand

When you remove the mascara wand from its tube, gently bend the wand so that it is perpendicular to the base. The brush becomes more maneuverable for hard-to-reach areas.

2. Avoid Clumps

Mascara accumulates on the wand and causes clumpy lashes, particularly when new. Before applying your first coat, gently wipe the brush with a tissue or napkin to remove built-up mascara.

3. Wiggle and Swipe

Applying mascara evenly adds weight to your eyelash tips, preventing a curl. For a lasting curl, Cosmopolitan suggests wiggling the wand near the roots for a thicker base, and swiping the tips lightly.

4. Use Waterproof Mascara

Waterproof mascara holds your curl and prevents smearing during the day, but most women struggle to remove it. Apply regular mascara first, and then coat that layer with waterproof.

5. Coat Top and Bottom

To thicken or darken your eyelashes, apply mascara to both sides. If you look up, you can apply mascara to the bottom of your lashes. Looking down will enable you to coat the top layer, as well.

6. Position Your Brush

The way you hold the brush affects the appearance of your eyelashes. If you hold the brush horizontally, your eyelashes will appear voluminous. A vertical angle provides a more natural finish.

7. Use Hot Water

Mascara often becomes clumpy, making it difficult to apply evenly. When this happens, place the tube into a glass of hot water for a few minutes. It liquefies the mascara and thins it for easy application.

8. Use a Spoon

If you position a spoon below or above your eye, it prevents mascara marks on your skin. Make sure the curved side faces outward. You can also warm the spoon and curl your lashes along the edge.

9. Use Baby Powder

Baby powder, or other translucent powders, soak natural eyelash oils and provide additional grip for mascara. If you apply powder between mascara coatings, women will envy your voluminous lashes.

10. Declump with a Toothbrush

If your mascara clumps after application, comb your eyelashes with a clean toothbrush. Its bristles brush off excess mascara and give you clump-free lashes. Use new, unused toothbrushes for this process.

Armed with these makeup tricks, you can create longer lashes that make your eyes the center of attention. Vibrant, alive eyes attract people, and science shows that large eyes inspire trust from others. Use these makeup tricks to your advantage.

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