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As a bride, make sure you are aware of these beauty tips:

As a bride, you will be naturally gorgeous – especially since all those happiness hormones will be released as soon as you step down the aisle. However, if you are like most of the brides out there, you want to be absolutely certain everything about your look is picture-perfect.

What are some of the most important beauty tips to follow for the big day? Read on and find out more.

  • Start as soon as possible. Finding a great makeup artist and a hairstylist to truly suit your personal preferences can be quite difficult – so it is better to start early, rather than to leave it for the last minute. Furthermore, this can also be extremely helpful if, after the trial, you decide to settle for someone else.

  • Be prepared for the trial. Bring some of your ideas with you, bring your wedding veil and wear white. This will help you (and your stylist) find the best shades for your complexion and for how you will look in your wedding dress.

  • Document everything. To be certain you will look exactly the same on your wedding day, jot down the products your makeup artist and hairstylist use. Also, remember to take pictures as well (but don’t be scared if you don’t like how you look in the photos – chances are that the lighting was not the most flattering one).

  • Avoid sharing. This may sound extremely selfish, but it is true. Sharing your makeup can be very dangerous for your skin and for your eyes – so you should definitely avoid it (especially before your wedding!). Also, do take into consideration that you might want to keep your hairstylist and makeup artist for you alone (and that you may want to hire a different person to take care of your bridesmaids, for example).

Searching for someone who will make sure your hair looks worthy of a celebrity on the red carpet? Contact eDry Bar and we will help you feel absolutely stunning on your big day!

Photo source: GU / 古天熱

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