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Choose the best wedding veil style to complete your bridal look!

Your wedding style is not just a series of random choices. It relies on what you love, on who you are and on what your love story is all about. Thus, you will want to make sure you pick the best wedding accessories to complement your bridal look and your personal style as well.

What are some of the best types of veils you could opt for – and why would they be suitable for you? We have gathered some tips – so read on and find out more.

  • Mysterious and vintage. Planning on a vintage-inspired wedding? If so, think of a birdcage or bandeau wedding veil. This type of veil is “almost there”, but still extremely stylish. Plus, a birdcage or a bandeau veil will give you an air of mysteriousness and beauty hard to compare with anything else.

  • Glamorous and classic. A mid-length wedding veil with beautiful embellishments on it can make you feel like a true princess – so if you are the kind of bride who wants her wedding to be absolutely fabulous, this is the veil you want to settle for.

  • Flirty and feminine. Tired of trying on wedding veils made from tulle? Try something made entirely out of lace, then! This is bound to awe all of your guests with your air of elegance and timelessness and it will definitely look absolutely stunning in the pictures too.

  • Dramatic and unique. If you want to look dramatic and unique, but you are not particularly keen on wearing a cathedral-length wedding veil, settle for a Julliet cap. It looks really wonderful and it will surely add a unique element of drama and originality you will absolutely love.

Searching for someone to help you pull off the best bridal hairstyle ever? Contact eDry Bar and hire us for your Big Day! Our skill and experience will make you feel so gorgeous on your wedding day!

Photo source: Asa Shutts

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