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Your wedding appearance should be beautiful! These makeup tips will help with this:

The makeup you choose for your wedding should suit you. It should be about who you are, what your style is all about and what your dream wedding looks like too. It should emphasize your natural beauty and celebrate femininity, grace and pure happiness.

  • To help you find the best makeup for yourself, we have gathered some of the most popular styles right below – so read on, “steal” some ideas and create a makeup that makes you feel drop-down-gorgeous.

  • Delicate pink. If you want to be a gentle, feminine and sweet bride, go for shades of pink. However, make sure not to overdo it with this color – it can make you look tired and it can look unflattering in the photos. We suggest a soft pink blush and an almost translucent pink lipstick with a champagne pink or shimmery brown for the eyelids.

  • Dramatic black. Wearing black liner and just a dash of black eye shadow can make a great statement. If you opt for this eye makeup though, make sure to balance it out with a bronzer and a very nude lipstick.

  • Berry sweetness. As some of the most popular colors of the past couple of years, berry shades are sweet, feminine and yet quite bold and daring too. If that’s the kind of look you are aiming for, find a pretty berry lipstick to suit your complexion and pair it with a slight berry-shaded blush and a more natural eye shadow.

Searching for professionals who will make your hair look stunning on your wedding day? Here at eDry Bar, we can pull off a hairstyle that flatters your face shape, your natural beauty and your overall wedding style – so contact us and book us for the Big Day!

Photo source: borosjuli

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