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Did you just get engaged? Take a look at where to start your wedding planning:

Saying “Yes” is a big step – but before the big “I Do”, your wedding planning process has to be really well-organized. What are the first things to do after the engagement? Here are some tips you might want to keep in mind:

  • Insure your engagement ring (in case your fiancé hasn’t already done this). Your engagement ring is precious from too many points of view to risk it, so paying for an insurance policy is a really great idea.

  • Register for gifts. Yes, this is one of the first things to handle once you put that ring on your finger. It is highly recommendable that you register for gifts before your engagement party. This way, if any of your guests wants to bring a small present for the engagement, he/she will know what you would like.

  • Dream up your wedding. Shuffle through those Pinterest boards, pin your favorites, create a folder with magazine clips – this is the time to dream big and settle on a wedding style. Don’t worry about anything else just yet – just gather your ideas and put them together in an organized way.

  • Create a budget. Unfortunately, it does take quite a lot of money to plan for a wedding – so it is important to know from the very beginning just how much you can afford to spend on it. Create a realistic budget, so that you don’t have to face any unpleasant financial surprises after the Big Day.

  • Draft the guest list. Depending on your budget, decide on how many guests you want to invite at the wedding. Do make sure you invite people you actually want there for this special moment in your life!

Once the main “pillars” of your wedding planning have been set, start thinking of the other details – such as your hairstyle, for example. If you are searching for a great stylist to make sure your hair looks fabulous on your wedding day, contact eDry Bar and hire us! You will not regret your choice!

Photo source: ilovebutter

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