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Be an unexpected bride with these unique bridal-look ideas!

As a bride, you want to be completely unique. You want to shine, you want to feel gorgeous and you want every small detail of your Big Day to reflect who you are, what your love story is all about and what you stand up for as a couple.

How to surprise your guests with a bridal look that’s special, unexpected and still extremely beautiful? Here are some ideas you will love:

  • Sparkles. Add a bit of glamor and uniqueness to your wedding look by wearing a sequins jacket on top of your wedding dress. This works with a variety of types of wedding gowns and it can make you pop with originality and elegance.

  • Sneakers. Are you the kind of woman who hates walking on heels? If so, replace dull ballet flats and sandals with a pair of wedding sneakers. Match your sneakers with those of your groom’s and your looks will yell “uniqueness” and “magic” – not to mention this will make your day so much more comfortable!

  • Red. If you want to challenge Western tradition, wear a dress that pops with color and passion – like a red dress, for example. It will make you look absolutely stunning, it will be more than elegant and it will bring a dash originality into your entire wedding.

  • Ombre. Not the kind of bride who wants to go fully unconventional? Settle on an ombre wedding gown, then! With just a tint of color at the bottom of the skirt, you can add color and energy to your bridal look – and we guarantee your guests will love it!

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Photo source: johnhope14

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