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Create your luxury dream wedding on a budget!

As little girls, we dream of having a fairytale wedding. We want the long, princess wedding gown, the large ballroom and the gorgeous chandeliers. We want luxury at our fingertips – even if it’s just for one special day in our lives.

Thankfully, you don’t have to break the bank to have a luxury dream wedding. In fact, you can very much pull it off on a tighter budget too. How to do it? How to plan the picture-perfect luxurious wedding in a budget-friendly way? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Pick the right venue. You don’t have to rent the most expensive ballroom in your area to have a fantastic, unique and luxurious wedding. In fact, choosing a “venue” with its own personality will save you a lot of money (both when it comes to the venue proper and when it comes to the décor too). Aquariums, botanical gardens, museums, historical sites – they can be perfect spots for the big “I Do”.

  • Splurge on lighting. The best thing about professional lighting is that it can absolutely transform a space and make it look spectacular – so this is definitely one of those wedding elements you shouldn’t skimp on. Invest in quality and it will pay off!

  • Plan a cocktail or brunch reception. Want to save serious money on your wedding reception without compromising on its dreaminess and elegance? Have a cocktail reception with passed appetizers or a brunch reception (venues are frequently cheaper in the morning – and so are other vendors too).

  • Choose smart table linens. For budget-friendly wow table décor, choose wedding linens that speak for themselves. Patterns, unique fabrics, sequins and lengths that go a bit longer than the floors – these are just some of the options you could go for.

Of course, your bridal look is more than important too – so, if you want your hair to look flawless without spending a fortune, come visit eDry Bar and book us for your Big Day! We guarantee your hairstyle will be stunning – just as the rest of your wedding!

Photo source: daveiam

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