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Don’t miss out on these wedding ring traditions!

Truth be told, there’s nothing more symbolical for marriage than wedding rings. Circular for infinite love and deep in the meaning they bear in every curve of their design, wedding rings are far from being mere pieces of jewelry. They are the very token of your commitment and a constant reminder that you chose to be in this together.

What are some of the most beautiful wedding ring traditions? We have gathered them right below – so read on if you want to find out more and inspire yourself.

  • It is believed that it was the Egyptians that first saw the circle as a symbol of infinity. However, it wasn’t until much later on, during the Roman times that wedding rings started to be worn as “marriage contracts”. At first, the rings were made of iron, but gold rings became a lot more popular during the Middle Ages.

  • Most often, the gemstone chosen for the wedding ring was symbolical of the relationship. Red stood rubies were considered to be very aristocratic and they stood for passion and love. Furthermore, a blue sapphire was symbolical of the Heavens.

  • Still, even back then, the most highly sought-after gemstones were still the diamonds. Indestructible and beautiful, these gemstones were considered to stand for the strength of one’s love. To the date, diamonds are still among the most appreciated gemstones – both when it comes to engagement rings and when it comes to wedding bands too (which, by the way, weren’t worn by American men until the World War II, when the double-ring exchange ritual became common on the New Continent too).

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Photo source: imagesbyk2 Photography

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