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Are you curious about altering your wedding dress neckline?

Your wedding dress is a completely unique item you will wear on an even more special day. Therefore, it is completely natural that you want everything about this dress to be flawless – from the seams to the beading and from the cut to the fabric, you’ve dreamed of this gown ever since you placed that diamond ring on your finger!

Is it possible to alter a wedding dress’ neckline, though?

  • Yes, it is possible to alter a wedding gown’s neckline. However, please keep in mind that this is not always doable – and sometimes, even when it is, it may cost too much in terms of money and time, so you might have to quit the idea.

  • In general, the less intricate a dress is and the fewer layers it has, the easier it will be for it to be altered in the neckline area. Still, if your dress is complex and if its created with multiple layers of fabric, you might be facing a difficult situation.

  • The only person who can actually tell you whether or not your dress can be altered is your seamstress. Make sure you work with a seamstress you truly trust, so that you know for sure that she will go above and beyond to make your dream dress come true. Otherwise, listen to your experienced seamstress – and if she suggests that altering the dress’ neckline would take too much time or money, re-think your position and see if you wouldn’t be much better off without the alteration.

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Photo source: Chilled.Photography

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