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Are you aware of these wedding registry myths?

Weddings have become a lot more modern these days – but even so, there are still lots of rules a bride should follow for her Big Day. Sure, some of them are perfectly legit and make perfect sense – but many others are there just as “wedding planning myths” meant to make a couple’s life a lot more complicated when they’re planning the Big Day.

Are you aware of some of the most commonly-encountered wedding registry myths? If not, read on and find out more.

  • You really have to register both for formal and for informal china. Sure, if that’s what you want to, you can definitely do it. But if you don’t want to register for formal china (or for any type of china, for that matter) feel free to simply not do it.

  • You cannot register to more than one store because it looks greedy otherwise. In fact, you are more than allowed to register to as many stores as you want – you are actually encouraged to do so! This way, guests will have multiple options at hand and they will be able to select something that suits their budget too.

  • You shouldn’t register for any kind of monogrammed items – they are too passé. Actually, you can register for monogrammed items if you love them. This is the kind of gift that will never cease to be elegant and chic – so you can definitely feel free to register for something like this if you want to!

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Photo source: chatirygirl

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