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What do you do if you lose weight after purchasing your wedding dress?

If you are like every other bride-to-be, you want your wedding to be magnificent. But more than that, you want to feel like a million bucks – and the dress you choose to wear is highly important when it comes to this.

What happens if you lose weight after purchasing the wedding gown, though? How to deal with the alterations that ensue? Here are some tips for you to remember:

  • Don’t worry, this happens to a lot of brides. The stress, the constant running around, the million-and-one things to handle – they can all push your body to the limits and make you lose weight. And if you have chosen to work out as well, you can expect your body’s proportions to change quite a lot even when the scales says otherwise.

  • Yes, alterations can be done. In fact, losing weight is much easier to handle than gaining it (or buying a dress that’s a smaller size than what you actually need). Every seamstress will tell you this: it will always be a lot less difficult to alter a dress and make it smaller, than to make it larger!

  • If, however, you have lost a lot of weight (i.e. more than 20 pounds), you should expect your wedding dress’ alterations to cost a bit more. Nevertheless, you can rest assured that the entire gown can be altered to suit your new, slimmer self.

eDry Bar provides brides with exquisite hairstyling services – so if you are getting married in Pittsburgh, make sure to contact us and schedule an appointment. In your stunning wedding dress and with our hairstyle on, you will feel like a true Queen of your Wedding Day – and you will definitely cherish these memories for a long time from now on! Contact us and work with talented, dedicated and always up-to-date hairstylists!

Photo source: peteandcharlotte

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