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Don’t forget to include these items in your Spring wedding food bar!

Having a food bar at your wedding is an amazing idea if you want to provide your guests with a little something “extra” for their entertainment. The options are limitless – from DIY bars where guests can make their own tacos to bars where you serve a variety of food or drink options, there’s something for every type of couple and for every wedding style.

What are some of the most creative and appreciated food bar options, though? Here are some suggestions you will definitely love:

  • A root beer bar. Want to create a non-alcoholic bar for adults and children as well? Plan for a root beer bar, then! You will need a few basic items (such as root beer, soda, chocolate and vanilla ice cream), some toppings (whipped cream, nuts, sprinkles, and cherries) and some tools (such as mugs or Mason jars, spoons and straws).

  • A trail mix bar. Want to provide guests with healthy snack options, so that they are completely energized throughout the entire wedding? Create a fun trail mix bar with your favorite dried fruit and nuts. We guarantee guests will love this, especially if you offer them some “take out” containers as well!

  • A mimosa bar. There’s something really special about mimosas that makes them perfect for beautiful spring or summer celebrations – so organizing a mimosa bar at your wedding is a great idea for sure. You will need sparkling champagne, different types of juice, some fruit, sugar-rimming trays, some fun-colored straws and a shaker. Have fun!

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