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Be sure you know when you have a Groomzilla to deal with

Because wedding planning is mostly associated with brides and their bridesmaids, many people are tempted to believe that Grooms aren’t very much involved in the entire planning process. And yet, they are – and it is completely natural to be so, considering this is a huge event in their lives as well.

How to know when you have a so-called “Groomzilla” on your hands? What to do? Here are some useful tips to help you navigate the not-always-easy seas of wedding planning together with your groom:

  • He procrastinates. It’s not that he doesn’t want to do the tasks you assign to him – but, like you, he is also very stressed out and sometimes, one-too-many tasks can actually mean that he will not feel very willing to work on all of them. Offer him your understanding, discuss things and see how to move from thereon – your loved one needs your attention just as much as you need his!

  • He’s picky about the attire. You may be very anxious about the dress – but, same as you, your groom wants to look excellent on the Big Day too. As we said it before, it is a very important event for him as well. Don’t look surprised if he has some issues with the fittings too – he really wants to look amazing!

  • Planning the guest list is really hard. He’s picky, he won’t compromise and he will even go to such extents as to delete off the list people he doesn’t like (but you might actually want them at your wedding). The key is to stay calm and communicate with each other – sooner or later, you will reach a compromise.

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Photo source: tmarsee530

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