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Be sure you are aware of how to choose a gorgeous engagement ring

The engagement ring you will offer as you pop the big question is more than just a gift. It’s more than just an expensive piece of jewelry too. It is a symbol of love, respect and commitment. It is the beginning of an entirely new era in your love story!

Surely, you want to choose a gorgeous engagement ring – but how do you do that? Here are some tips to help you in the process.

  • Think of what she likes. Searching for a ring that really suits your loved one can feel tough. However, do not despair: analyze her jewelry, see what she likes, and don’t be afraid to “plot” with her friends either. And, if you want to be more practical (and know that she would actually prefer this), bring up the topic yourself and discuss the details together.

  • No, you don’t have to spend two months’ salaries on the ring. This may have been the norm a few decades ago, but these days, people put a lot more emphasis on buying a ring that suits your budget, rather than some silly “etiquette rule” that doesn’t make much sense today.

  • Not everyone likes diamonds – and your loved one may very well prefer a black gold ring with a sapphire stone, for that matter. But if you know she’s a big fan of diamonds, remember the 4 C’s when shopping around: clarity (the clearer, the more qualitative and the more expensive), carat (the weight of the diamond), cut (how much it can reflect the light) and color (white, yellow, and so on).

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