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Choose the best accessories to accompany your wedding dress style

Your wedding style is obviously extremely important to you – so you will definitely want to put effort and time in making sure everything about your bridal look is flawless. Yes, the hair, the makeup, the shoes and, of course, the dress – they all matter tremendously. But don’t forget about your jewelry either!

How to pick the best accessories to accompany the style of your wedding dress? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Asymmetrical and high-neckline gowns shouldn’t be too accessorized. For this reason, we suggest you to skip the necklace and focus on a delicate, beautiful pair of statement earrings. This way, you will create a perfectly well-balanced look people will love.

  • Straight necklines look best with very fine, elegant and timeless pieces. For example, you could wear a string of pearls with your straight-neckline dress – and it will look absolutely gorgeous too!

  • Sweetheart necklines are very feminine, and their shape allows you to accessorize yourself with big, over-the-top statement pieces that are so trendy these days. Pick a necklace that really suits the color of the dress, as well as its detail work and you will create a look worthy of a fashion magazine!

  • Aside from the shape of your neckline, you might also want to consider the color of your dress as well. A cooler shade of white will generally look at its best with silver or white gold accessories, while warmer shades of white look gorgeous with yellow gold.

Searching for someone who will ensure your hair looks just as flawless as the rest of your wedding attire and accessories? Come visit eDry Bar in Pennsylvania and see what we could do for you! Come visit us and leave your bridal hairstyle into our talented hands!

Photo source: garyullah

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