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As a Boho bride, be sure you have the best jewelry

As a bride-to-be, you want nothing else than pure beauty and absolute flawlessness from your wedding look. You want to be splendid as you walk down the aisle – and that’s perfectly normal!

Of course, your wedding jewelry plays a crucial role in creating the perfect bridal look – but what type of jewelry is there for a boho bride? We have some ideas that will truly inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • A back chain. Gracious, unique and incredibly feminine, back chains work like wonders with delicate backless dresses. With just the right amount of “sexy” to then, these pieces of jewelry have the power to make brides feel as if they’re on the fashion runaway!

  • Anklets. Planning a beach wedding, and want everything about your look to suit the magical surroundings of your big day? Leave the shoes at home and wear two stunning anklets to decorate your feet in a genuinely original and beautiful way. Gorgeous idea!

  • Hair accessories. The best thing about being a boho bride is that you can really combine multiple styles to create the ideal look for you and what works for your natural beauty. So, if you plan on wearing your hair in pretty braids, or to leave it down in lush curls, remember to add a special “touch” to your hairstyle – such as a hair chain, a flower crown or simply a small hair accessory that speaks about your personal style.

Searching for the right hairstylist in Pennsylvania? Come visit eDry Bar and take a look at what we offer! Come visit us, talk to us about your wedding style, and allow us to help you feel drop-dead-gorgeous on the most important day of your life! We guarantee you will never regret having chosen our services!

Photo source: Bellafaye Garden

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