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Don’t forget an emergency kit for your wedding day

As a bride, you want to be prepared for whatever your wedding day brings along – and whether you like it or not, this may mean you’ll have to be ready to face accidents as well. Sometimes, no matter how much you plan ahead, small issues can appear – and it is far better to know how to fix them, rather than give in to sadness.

For example, do you know what your emergency kit should contain? If not, read on and find out more – we have gathered some of the essentials every bride should have with her on her Big Day!

  • First of all, you will need items that can fix issues related to your wardrobe (or that of your groom). A mini sewing kit, stain remover, chalk (to cover up stains if they don’t disappear), lint roller, dryer sheet, boutonniere pins, safety pins, shoe polish, black socks and fashion tape – these are just a few of the items that could be true life-savers on your wedding day.

  • Furthermore, don’t forget to include items that will help you stay fresh and in good condition for the entire day: a mini first aid kit and medication, some toothpaste and a toothpaste, deodorant, blotting papers, tissues, and so on.

  • Last, but definitely not least, you should definitely include items to help you maintain your flawless look too. Some of them include: brush, mirror, chap stick, makeup essentials, dental floss, hair pins, chewing gum, mini hair ties, clear nail polish, a nail file, some makeup removing wipes, and so on.

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Photo source: ºNit Soto

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