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The perfect nails for your Fall wedding

Everything about your wedding day should be flawless. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, you should feel like the true Princess you are – and every single detail of your bridal look should help you shine as you walk down the aisle.

Of course, your nails are not an exception from the rule – but how do you choose your manicure color for a fall wedding? We have some of the trendiest suggestions for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Rose gold. This color is the perfect combination of “girly” and “luxurious” and its warm tint makes it perfect for a fall wedding. Plus, the color has been really fashionable in the wedding industry of 2016, so it can definitely yield fantastic results.

  • Peacock blue. Daring and mysterious, this color is also perfect for the romantic darkness of fall. It will look amazing on fair-skinned ladies, but it can really make anyone’s manicure pop with style!

  • Merlot red. Looking for a classic red for your wedding manicure? For something that’s suitable for the fall outside too? Merlot red reminds one of lush wines and gorgeous elegance, so you will surely love it if you lean towards the classier wedding styles.

  • Taupe. If you want to keep it neutral with your nails, taupe is the perfect choice for fall. It has just the right amount of darkness and “purple” in it to make it suitable for the season outside, while staying within the classic nude rules as well.

Looking for someone to do your hair on the Big Day? Come visit eDry Bar in Pittsburgh and allow us to make you feel drop-dead-gorgeous for your wedding! Come visit us and you will not regret having chosen our team of experienced, talented and passionate pros!

Photo source: Holly Leighanne.

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