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Your wedding hairstyle should be perfect for you

Your wedding hairstyle is just as important as every other detail of your bridal look – it should be flawlessly executed, it should be utterly flattering, but even more than anything, it should be perfect for you, for who you are, and what your style is like.

How to pull this off? How to choose the very best wedding style for yourself? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • First of all, your style should be very well executed by a person who is specialized in doing this. Even if you usually do your hair on your own and even if you are really amazing at it, the nervousness and emotions of the Big Day will most likely make it difficult for you to control anything. Thus, hiring the very best hairstylist in your area is crucial for the success of your entire look.

  • Furthermore, you should also consider the time needed to create the style. In general, it is highly advisable that you add another 30 minutes to what you think is enough for doing the hair. This way, you will not be running late and you will actually stay within your wedding day schedule.

  • Last, but not least, consider your dress’ neckline when choosing the hairstyle. For example, bateau necklines work best with low buns, high collars look fantastic with top hairdos, V-necks are fantastic with loose curls, and one shoulder gowns are perfect with side-swept buns, pony tails or fishtail braids.

Are you still looking for the right hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Come visit eDry Bar and allow us to complement your bridal style with our uniquely experienced and talented hairstyling services! Book us for the Big Day and your hair will look nothing less than purely perfect!

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