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Keep these bridal beauty don’ts in mind

As all brides in the world, you want to look stunning on your big day. Of course, you definitely know what you should do – such as eating healthy, drinking water, and making sure you get enough exercise as well.

Yet, what are the things you shouldn’t do before the wedding? We have gathered some of the crucial bridal beauty don’ts you should keep in mind – so read on and find out more.

  • Don’t get a fake tan. It is incredibly dangerous for your health and it is more than likely not going to look as great as you imagine it either. In fact, you should sport your natural skin color with grace and pride – it is the most beautiful and elegant thing in the world, really!

  • You shouldn’t make any kind of drastic changes. You may change your hair color, but not very close to the wedding date. Likewise, it is not advised that you wax any part of your body right before the wedding day.

  • Don’t get a facial, or change your normal face routine. If you want to make changes to your skin, make sure you start working on these at least a few months before the Big Day. These are NOT things to do right before the most important day of your life, especially since they can turn into a huge disaster.

  • Don’t eat berries or drink red wine. They can stain your teeth quite badly and it can look awful in the pictures. If you want your smile to be picture-perfect, try to stay away from red-colored foods and drinks!

Looking for a hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Come visit eDry Bar and let us take care of your hair for the big day. We guarantee you will look nothing less than absolutely fabulous!

Photo source: -=Kip=-

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