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Keep these bridal beauty do’s and don’ts in mind

Your wedding is your time to really shine and be happy in your own skin – and although you should definitely know all brides are beautiful in their own way, it is also important to remember that there are certain beauty do’s and don’ts all brides should keep in mind.

What are these tips? We have gathered them right below – so read on and find out more.


  • Get a very good foundation that’s suitable for your skin type and for your skin tone. Remember, wearing foundation that’s darker than your skin will not look good (not in real life and not in the pictures either).

  • Use a setting spray once you’re done with the makeup. This will help you maintain the makeup clean and good-looking for the entire day ahead of you, so it’s really important that you don’t skip this step.


  • Avoid bad hair days by not dyeing your hair before the Big Day. Also, any kind of harsh treatment should be avoided with at least a few weeks before the wedding day – and it is also advisable that you don’t cut your hair with at least a couple of weeks before the big date.

  • Try to avoid foundation with SPF included in it. Most of the times, these foundations reflect the light on your skin, making you appear too shiny in your wedding pictures.

Looking for a hairstyling professional to help you look amazing on your wedding day? Contact eDry Bar and hire us for our experience, talent, and true dedication to perfection. With us on your side, you are guaranteed to look like a real glamorous VIP on your wedding day – and that is precisely what you want from such a hugely unique and important moment in your life, isn’t it?

Photo source: Mihai Topoleanu Photography

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