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Lipstick inspiration for your wedding

Every single element of your bridal look should complement you and who you are – and your lipstick makes no exception whatsoever. How to choose a shade that goes perfectly well with your bridal style? We have some tips for you – read on, find out more, and inspire yourself to pick a truly gorgeous lipstick color for your big day.

  • Red. Beautiful, elegant and always a classic, the red lipstick is what you want if you want to be traditional and daring at the same time. The absolute secret to pulling of the perfect red lip? Choosing a shade that truly complements your complexion (e.g. a red lipstick with blue undertones will be ideal for someone with a cool complexion).

  • Tangerine. Want to be a bit daring, yet still stay within the “norms”? Tangerine will seem like a very intimidating color at first – but once you put it on, it is guaranteed to make you fall in love with it. This shade will brighten your complexion and will perfectly match with a spring or summer wedding – so give it a chance and we guarantee you will absolutely like it!

  • Purple. For those of you who want to be really daring with your makeup, purple lipstick is here in a thousand-and-one shades meant to complement different complexions and styles. Pick the perfect one and wear it with pride because it is a surefire way to help you make a real fashion statement with your bridal makeup!

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