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Headband inspiration for your wedding

Accessorizing your hair for the big day can be just as important as your makeup, shoes, or wedding dress itself – so it is definitely not something to easily overlook. For example, have you considered wearing a headband? If yes, which is the best option for you?

We have some wonderful tips for you – so read on and find your hairpiece inspiration.

  • A pretty crystal headband. If you are the kind of bride who wants everything about her wedding to be really luxurious, a crystal headband will suit you really well. This type of hair accessory will make you feel like a real royalty as you walk down the aisle!

  • A golden leaf headband. Ideal for outdoor, vineyard, backyard and country-chic weddings, a headband inspired by the Roman/Grecian tradition of wearing leaf crowns is a truly spectacular and unique choice. Works marvelously with a simple dress and a braided updo!

  • A ribbon-accented headband. Want to incorporate a girly touch into your hairdo? Look for a headband that includes a ribbon to tie at the back of your head. This simple detail can make a huge difference – and you will surely love the feminine vibe it breathes into your entire bridal look!

  • A flower headband. Planning a spring or summer wedding? What could be livelier, more feminine, or more seasonal, other than a flower headband? Ask your florist to help you create a headband that matches your bouquet and you will feel gloriously stunning as you wear this very special accessory!

Searching for a talented wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Come visit eDry Bar and choose us for your Big Day! Our attention to detail, our impeccable techniques, and our true passion for beauty – they will all help you feel and look radiant on your wedding day!

Photo source: Bellafaye Garden

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