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Hairstyles for your Summer wedding

Planning a summer wedding? We can definitely understand why you have chosen this amazingly high-energy season for such a special day in your life. Of course, you want everything to be picture-perfect about the Big Day – but how do you choose a hairstyle that suits you and the season outside? We have gathered some of the cutest and most well-suited trends out there – so read on and find some inspiration.

  • Just a pop of color. Rainbow hair, unicorn hair, galaxy hair – call it how you want to call it, colorful hair is more than trendy these days. If you are an off-the-beat bride, and if you want your wedding look to be completely unique, ask your hairstylist to put some colorful streaks in your hair. It will look magical!

  • Braided hair. Nothing is as pure and as summery as braided hair – and thankfully, bridal fashion allows for plenty of options in 2017. From milkmaids to fishtail maids, and maids that incorporate ribbons, there’s something for every single bride and her style.

  • With flowers in your hair. Flower crowns have been really popular in the last couple of years. Beyond that, though, you can incorporate fresh flowers in your hair in a million different ways – from braiding flowers into the hair, to simply creating a small hairpiece with fresh flowers. Either way, your hair will look fabulous!

  • High, elegant bun. Planning an elegant summer wedding? A high bun is more than suitable – it is timeless, feminine and absolutely gorgeous, so your guests will surely love it.

Looking for a talented wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Come visit eDry Bar and allow us to make you feel drop-dead-gorgeous on your Big Day! Our skill, our dedication to perfection, and our genuine interest to see you smile – they will all ensure you are 100% with your bridal hairstyle.

Photo source: dungpham304

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