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Choose the best bridal makeup for your skin tone

As a bride, you want to look nothing less than drop-dead-gorgeous, right? Of course, every element of your wedding look plays a crucial role in the entire ensemble – and your makeup makes no exception.

How to choose the best bridal makeup for your skin tone? Here are some tips to help you with this.

  • Fair skin. If you have light skin, you should focus on suave shades of pink. Not only are they complimentary to your skin tone, but they are also perfect for a bride who wants to be delicate, beautiful, and who wants to achieve a natural look. Of course, you shouldn’t overdo it with the pink – but a few light touches will work like a miracle!

  • Golden undertones. If your skin has a peachy appeal to it, the best way to achieve a natural look is by focusing on shades that are in the same color spectrum. A bit of peach-colored blush, full lashes, eyeliner, and a superb coral lipstick will make your skin glow – in real life and in the pictures too.

  • Olive skin. Play upon the natural magic of your skin and emphasize your beautiful eyes with metallic shades. Pair this up with a peach pink lipstick and you will feel absolutely stunning!

  • Bronze skin. Your dark bronzed skin deserves to be showed off – and the best type of makeup to apply on your wedding day focuses on your eyes the most. Smoky eye shadow, full lashes, a bit of blush and a mauve lip gloss will complement your natural beauty like nothing else!

Looking for a hairstylist with lots of bridal experience in Pittsburgh? Come visit eDry Bar and allow us to help you feel and look breathtaking on your big day! Our talent and attention to detail will surely help you achieve the perfect wedding look!

Photo source: Ashley MacKinnon

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