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Miracle Foods All Brides-to-Be Should Eat

Naturally, you want to look really amazing on your wedding day – and while this may be tightly connected to your dress, hair, and makeup, it is very important to acknowledge the fact beauty does come from within.

What are the miracle foods all brides-to-be should include in their daily diet before the Big Day (and always)? We have some tips for you – read on, find out more, and built a nutritional plan that feeds your body all the beauty and healthy it needs.

  • The skin miracle-makers. It is no secret that your skin needs a lot of vitamins and minerals to look shiny and pretty – but did you know sweet potatoes and spinach are the best providers in this sector? Even more, did you know Greek yogurt can help you beat dark circles (due to its high levels of amino-acids)?

  • The body miracle-makers. Ever thought of why so many nutritionists recommend plain water and lemon? Well, there’s an actual reason for this: lemons are excellent detoxifiers. Combine this healthy drink with foods that are rich in magnesium and you will stand taller and more beautiful than ever in your wedding pictures! Not sure which foods are richest in magnesium? Pumpkin flower seeds rank among the best ones!

  • The mind miracle-makers. We all know you are stressed-out, but did you know your nutrition can affect your stress and anxiety levels? Eating foods like celery and salmon can help you relax and re-think your wedding planning issues from a different perspective, so don’t forget to include them in your diet too.

Looking for a hairstylist with a lot of experience in prepping brides for the Big Day in Pittsburgh? Contact eDry Bar and you will never regret having chosen our talent, dedication, and true attention to detail!

Photo source: Sooraj Shajahan

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