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Have You Chosen Your Wedding Perfume?

They say a woman’s never fully dressed without her lipstick and her special fragrance – so why would your wedding day make any exception from this? Of course, you will want to wear a perfume that suits the moment (and that will always remind you of this unique event in your life). But how do you actually pick the right one?

We have some tips for you – so continue reading if you want to learn more about choosing the perfect perfume for the Big Day.

  • Don’t go beyond your comfort zone. If you are the kind of woman who likes wearing fresh perfumes, don’t try to change this on your wedding day. Sure, you can pick a new perfume, but don’t go at the exact opposite pole in terms of fragrances.

  • Furthermore, keep in mind that your perfume should also coordinate with your wedding style. Will you have a very relaxed, boho-chic dress? You’ll probably want to opt for a suave, maybe even slightly citrusy perfume. Want to wear a lush, glamorously-decorated wedding gown? You should probably choose a perfume that goes well with that – perhaps something with oriental notes in it?

  • Last, but definitely not least, remember to test your perfumes. Don’t go crazy with the testers, though – chances are that if you spritz too many of them, you will end up not making any difference between one perfume and the other. Moreover, do make sure you test the perfume on your own skin as well – many times, the fragrance you get on the tester is completely different than what you get on your own skin.

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Photo source: Shai Fox Photography

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