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One Week to the Wedding? Avoid These Things, Then!

The Big Day is rapidly approaching and soon enough there will be no more than 7 days left to the most amazing event of your entire life. What are the things you should absolutely not do when you have only one week to the wedding? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

Change your hair color or hair style in any way. It doesn’t matter how great your idea is – truth be told, there’s always a fair chance that things will go horribly wrong. You definitely don’t want your wedding day to be completely ruined by bad hair!

  • Tanning. You may think adding a dash of color to your skin is a good idea for that gorgeous white dress of yours. However, tanning is a really bad idea, especially with so little left before the Big Day! Natural tanning can burn your skin (not to mention that it is dangerous). As for the tanning beds and spray tans (at home or at a salon), they usually look unnatural and different.

  • Drinking alcohol. We know a glass of wine will relax you and help you cope with all the pre-wedding stress. However, keep in mind that alcohol has a ton of calories – and that it can easily add up in all those places that make your dress look perfectly curvy as it is right now.

  • Working out too hard. There’s no point in pushing yourself over the limits now – you won’t see any spectacular results in just one week. On the other hand, you could strain any muscle in your body and have to suffer the consequences (e.g: straining an ankle).

These are just a few of the things we advise against, but you are free to do whatever makes you feel great. Contact eDry Bar if you are looking for a really great hairstylist ready to make you look like real-life royalty!

Photo source: kudumomo

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