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Stay Healthy When on Your Honeymoon Too

After all the wedding planning and all the stress associated with this life changing event, you deserve a well-planned vacation. Regardless of where you want to plan your honeymoon, you surely want to keep off all those pounds you shed before the wedding and stay healthy too.

How to do it when you’re away, though? Here are some of the best tips to help you stay healthy on your honeymoon:

  • Have your glass of water…and drink it too. However, do avoid tap water, no matter where in the world your honeymoon steps may lead you. Sure, there are a lot of places where tap water is really OK, but in general, it is best to be safe, than to be sorry, right?

  • Speaking of water, we know a good swim will do justice to your body – but it is generally recommended that you stay away from bodies of water that are too frequented by people, or that look dubious. Regardless of whether it’s a pool or the ocean itself, the water in which you bathe should be clean – the last thing you want to bring home is a conjunctivitis (or other, even worse infections).

  • Pamper yourself, pamper your taste buds – but stay active too. Of course, French pastry and delicious Caribbean dishes are all-too-irresistible for you to stay away from them. And, after all, part of the travelling experience lies in the tastes you experience while away, right? However, if you keep yourself active during your honeymoon (e.g. walk around the city, instead of taking a cab), you will definitely be able to maintain the wedding figure you worked so much for.

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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

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