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Improve Your Posture and Look Stunning

Your wedding look matters to you – and that’s perfectly normal, given the uniqueness of this event in your life, right? The dress, the jewelry, the makeup – they will all create a look that represents you, who you are, and what your style is all about – but have you considered your posture too? It is so, so important!

Here are some tips to help you (almost) instantly improve your posture and look stunning, both in real life and in the pictures too:

  • First and foremost, learn how the perfect posture looks like. The ideal “form” your body should take is a very up-right one, with shoulders relaxed, and the core of your tummy kept in tension.

  • This posture is perfect regardless of whether you will wear high-heels or flats at your wedding, precisely because it adds grace and femininity to the entire look and makes you walk more beautifully. Imagine how glorious you will look as soon as you step down the aisle, walking towards the person you love most in this world!

  • To achieve this posture correctly, don’t focus so much on keeping your back straight. Instead, focus on keeping your core muscles tightened – this will push your back to take its natural, healthy position as well.

  • The best type of workout to try when you want to achieve the perfect posture is Pilates, precisely because it focuses on the core muscles (or what they call “the power house”). Plus, this is a fun and healthy type of workout that can be adjusted for your particular level of fitness!

Looking for someone to ensure your hair looks absolutely picture-perfect on the Big Day? Come visit eDry Bar in Pittsburgh and allow us to be the ones who help you feel drop-down gorgeous on the most beautiful day of your life!

Photo by Jeremy Wong on Unsplash

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