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Look Breathtaking with an Elegant Bridal Updo

Your hair deserves a truly superb style, especially given that your Big Day is a hugely important life event for you. How to choose the most elegant and versatile bridal updo for this special day? We have some inspiring tips for you – so read on if you are searching for ideas on how to pull your hair up for your wedding look.

  • A minimal updo. Pull your hair in a low chignon and tie it with a strand of your own hair. Not only will this hairstyle look amazingly elegant, but it will be minimalist and contemporary – perfect for just about any face shape and any kind of wedding dress style. The simplest, most efficient, and most beautiful bridal hairdo!

  • Loosely rolled up. You don’t have to wear an actual bun to pull your hair up on your wedding day. Simply curl your hair softly and pull it up in loose rolls, then tuck them underneath a pretty hairband. You can be really minimalistic about this and choose a hairband that’s very simple, or you can adorn your hair with a sparkling hairband – both options are equally superb!

  • Hollywood style. Want to look glamorous and old-school at the same time? Pull your hair in a low bun, but make sure there’s plenty of volume at the top of the head. Leave one strand of hair out and finger curl it to frame your face in a graceful and beautiful way. You will shine with this simple hairdo!

Looking for a wedding hairstylist with plenty of experience in this field? Contact eDry Bar and allow us to style up your hair, so that you look truly radiant on your Big Day. Contact us and you will feel like a real celebrity at your wedding!

Photo by Alvin Mahmudov on Unsplash

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