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These Ponytails Are Gorgeous for Your Wedding

You may think you need a really complicated hairstyle for your wedding day – but truth be told, even the simplest hairstyle can be turned into a totally glamorous and beautiful one when the right details are considered.

Take, for example, the ponytail. The way you pull your hair when working out or running errands might actually be a really amazing choice for your Big Day too – with a few adjustments, of course.

How to pull off a splendid ponytail wedding hairstyle? We have some ideas for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Bring it on one side with lush curls that complement your femininity – or have it twisted in the back for an easy, comfortable style that works really well with the summer outside. No, your wedding hair doesn’t have to be ultra-complex to look fantastic and these two ponytail options are the evidence!

  • Pull it in an oversized ponytail, for a dash of modern femininity. Big dress, big hair, big wedding – indeed, they all go together more than well! Have your ponytail tapered for a bit of extra volume and you will look stunning wearing it!

  • Elegant simplicity is another way of defining the classic ponytail, especially when you use strands of your own hair to wrap it. And if you want to add just a touch of extra-glam into the mix, you can always turn to the breathtakingly elegant hairpieces available out there. You don’t need something too big or too flashy to make this work – even a small accessory will make the world of a difference!

Looking for a dedicated wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Come visit eDry Bar and we will make sure you feel PERFECT with your hairstyle on the biggest and happiest day of your life!

Photo by Tanja Heffner on Unsplash

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