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Summer Bridal Makeup Tips

Summer weddings are truly fantastic – and everyone can admit to that. However, they do come with their minuses as well – and the potentially high temperatures are among them. Sure, you may love the heat, but does your makeup love it as well?

Make sure your makeup will not melt under the hot sun of a summer wedding by following these tips:

  • Priming the face is so, so crucial! Be sure to apply a primer suitable for your skin type (after having moisturized it, of course). If you have issues with redness, or if you want to low-key correct certain skin flaws, there are slightly colored primers you can use. Also, don’t forget to spritz a bit of fixing spray at the end as well!

  • Glittery makeup looks stunning on Pinterest, but in real life, it’s a real deal-breaker during the summer – mostly because it tends to melt and look really nasty. Our advice? Keep it matte and satin-like and your makeup will be able to withstand the heat outside!

  • Powdering your face is very important – but chances are that you will have to add one or two more layers of powder as the day unfolds. So, if you want to make sure your skin will maintain its pretty matte look, remember to pack your favorite quality face powder in your bridal survival kit. Trust us, it can make all the difference in the world!

Your hair is just as important as your makeup, so be sure to choose a hairstylist who knows how to pull off fantastic styles for brides! Contact eDry Bar in Pittsburgh if you want to work with a stylist who has tons of experience in creating breathtaking bridal hairdos – but even more importantly, a stylist who knows how to help you find the PERFECT style for your dress, for your face shape, and for your personality!

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