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These Styles Are Perfect for Your Flower Girl

Although very young, your flower girl is a very big part of the wedding party – and she deserves to feel just as pretty and amazing as her older “partners in crime”.

What is the best hairstyle for an adorable flower girl? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you need just a bit of inspiration.

  • Half up, half down, with a flower to add innocence and beauty to a simple hairstyle. Your flower girl will look absolutely amazing wearing her wavy hair half up half down! Pick a flower that goes well with her dress and the flowers she will toss as she walks down the aisle – she will love it!

  • Cascading braid. Want your flower girl to wear her hair in a simple, yet very unique way? A side-swept cascading braid is perfect for a rustic wedding. To make it even more nature-inspired, add a flower to this hairstyle too, it will make your flower girl really shine with her purity!

  • A big ballerina or messy bun. Feminine and sweet, buns will never go out of style. Accessorize a messy bun with a large bow-knot and a polished ballerina bun with a precious hair accessory – it will make your little wedding attendant look like a real-life princess!

  • Large curls. Natural looks best on young girls, so why not simply curl your flower girl’s hair in large, angelic-looking waves and leave her hair down? She will feel so special wearing her hair like this!

Looking for a dedicated, talented and reliable wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Contact eDry Bar and book your appointment with us! We have a lot of experience in creating stunning hair looks for brides and bridal parties, so you can definitely rely on us to deliver the very best there is!

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