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Looking for an Updo for the Big Day? Here Are Some Ideas

There’s a myriad of styles brides can choose from for their Big Day – but truth be told, nothing seems as timeless and elegant as a beautiful updo. If you have your heart set on pulling your hair up for the wedding, or if you simply feel it would work better with your dress, you definitely want to find a style that’s both elegant and unique.

Looking for inspiration in this direction? We have gathered some of the trendiest ideas right below – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Volume and messy. Pull your hair in a low, messy bun with plenty of volume at the top of the hair. Tie it with a beautiful, white accessory. That’s it – your hairstyle is ready, and it looks absolutely gorgeous, especially with a bare-back wedding dress!

  • Knot. Tired of the bridal buns you’ve seen a million times before? How about a bun made with knots? It looks really pretty, it’s comfortable, and it works miraculously well with just about any type of wedding dress design. You don’t even need fancy hair accessories to look super-elegant with this unique bun!

  • Halo braids. Of all the wedding styles, braids seem to come back again and again. It’s really understandable, actually: they are really feminine, they are more than suitable for a rustic wedding, and they work well with any face shape as well. Pull your hair in a halo braid if you want to look like a princess that has just walked out of a fairy tale!

Looking for a good hairstylist to help you breathe life into your bridal style ideas? Contact eDry Bar in Pittsburgh and hire us for the Big Day. Your hair will look absolutely flawless – and you will feel drop-down gorgeous wearing your beautiful style!

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