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DIY Skin Masks to Make Your Skin Glow on Your Wedding Day

Beauty is an important aspect for every bride-to-be. And while you may have chosen the type of makeup you want to wear, you most likely want to make sure it will be applied on a flawless skin – a moisturized, perfectly well-balanced skin.

What do you do if you have naturally dry skin? What are some of the best and most cost-effective solutions to help your face feel more hydrated and radiant?

Well, we have some DIY skin masks to help you get that superb glowing skin all brides are after – so read on if you want to find out more.

  • Oats and turmeric. You probably knew oats are good for your digestive system – but have you ever considered using them in your face masks? Oats will cleanse your skin in a gentle way, and if you add a bit of turmeric into the mix, you are guaranteed to get a bright, beautiful and clean skin!

  • Avocado only. There’s a very good reason Millennials are almost obsessed with avocados: they work, they are delicious, and they are healthy. Yes, they are really healthy for the skin as well – and all you have to do to deep-moisturize your skin with a 100% natural mask is to squash some avocado and apply it on your face as it is.

  • Apricot, Greek yogurt, mint, and honey. This four-ingredient face mask sounds delicious, but it’s actually amazing for your skin as well. The apricot will hydrate your skin, the Greek yogurt will cleanse it, the mint will add an anti-septic effect, and the honey will “seal” all these effects into your skin. Amazing mask!

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