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Match Your Skin Tone to Your Winter Bridal Makeup

Your wedding makeup needs to suit your style and your particular features. Of course, it should also be well-coordinated with the season outside – so if you are a winter bride, you will surely want to choose a makeup style that goes with the coolness of these months.

How to match your skin tone to your winter bridal makeup? Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Light skin tone? Compliment it with a pale pink lipstick and charcoal grey or silver eye makeup. You will look so suave and pretty this way! If you want to add a bit more color to your makeup look, use a cherry red lipstick instead of the pink – it will definitely look great on you.

  • Medium skin tone? Consider yourself lucky because you can incorporate some of the trendiest makeup ideas out there. For instance, you could color your lips in a wine or nude-colored lipstick and you could settle on a heavier smoky eye created with deep violet shades or black. You will look drop down gorgeous wearing this type of makeup!

  • Dark skin tone? You too have plenty of options when it comes to winter bridal makeup. Use copper or gold shades to add glamor to your eyelids and match your eye makeup with a dark purple or berry red lipstick. You will feel absolutely amazing wearing these colors, that’s for sure!

Of course, you want your hair to look flawless on your wedding day as well – and that’s where we come in. If you are planning your Big Day in Pittsburgh, be sure to contact eDry Bar and come see what we offer. Learn more about our services and hire us for your wedding day – you will not be disappointed by the gorgeous style we create for you!

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