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Avoid These Hairstyle Mistakes on Your Big Day!

Your hair is one of the most important “pieces” of your bridal look – and while you might know what to do to make it look shiny and healthy, how much do you know about the most common hair mistakes brides make?

We have gathered them right below – so read on if you want to be informed and avoid these mistakes:

  • Letting your hair grow out and not having it trimmed. That’s NOT the way to grow out your hair! You may feel those regular trims are just taking from the length of your hair, but, in fact, your hairdresser is simply removing the parts of the hair that are damaged. Those regular trims will actually help your hair grow faster and healthier!

  • Not being honest with your hairstylist. This is not the kind of person you want to lie to – be honest, whatever the issue may be. Don’t like the style, the hair color, or anything else? Communicate it to your hairstylist and allow them to change things so that you are fully satisfied.

  • Making drastic color changes too close to the wedding. Going from brown to blonde may sound like a change of look – but it’s not the kind of change you want to make two weeks before the wedding. Do it step-by-step, with the help of a stylist who can make sure your hair won’t get damaged in the process and who can revert you to your previous color if you don’t like it.

Looking for a brilliant wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Contact eDry Bar right now – we’re here to help you look fantastic and feel absolutely gorgeous! With us on your side, you are bound to have the most flawless bridal hairstyle your guests have ever seen on a bride!

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