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Have You Chosen a Makeup Artist for Your Wedding?

The makeup you will wear on the Big Day is very important for your look – both for the way you will appear “live”, when you step down the aisle, and for the way you will appear in the pictures.

Of course, hiring a makeup artist is one of the best choices you could make with regards to your wedding look. However, how do you do this? What are some of the essential questions you should be asking before you sign on the dotted line? We have some tips for you – so read on and find out more.

  • Will they come to your location? This could save you a lot of time (and stress), so be sure to ask it before you hire anyone.

  • Can they help you with anything else, other than the makeup itself? Having your eyebrows shaped and your eyelashes applied by the same person who does your makeup is a very good idea, from multiple points of view. First, there’s the fact that your entire bridal makeup will look well-pulled together (since the same person will do everything). But probably even more, there’s the fact that you won’t have to run around to search for separate services (which will obviously reduce your stress).

  • Do they offer a trial? This is very important because it will help you see exactly if the makeup suits you, if it’s easy to wear, if it lasts, and so on. If you want to, you can even take your engagement pictures on the day of your makeup trial, to see how it looks on camera!

Have you hired the perfect wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? If not, be sure to contact eDry Bar and come see what we offer – we guarantee you will not regret hiring us!

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