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These Hair Accessories Will Complement Your Bridal Style

Finding your dress is a huge dream come true for you as a bride. But now that you have it all ready and fitted, you will have to make sure your hair looks flawless to complement it as well!

What are some of the most suitable hair accessories for you, according to your bridal style? We have some ideas for you – so read on if you need a bit of inspiration.

  • Glamorous brides. A feather blusher reminding of the Roaring Twenties is ideal for short-haired brides who want to add a dash of mystery and elegance to their hairstyles. Likewise, a hair chain will adorn any type of hair in a stunning way – and so will a pearl headband. These accessories are all fabulous for glamorous brides, both vintage and modern!

  • Romantic brides. Are you the kind of bride who will have a big ballroom wedding and wear a fluffed-out princess dress? Look for hair pieces that complement this style – such as diamond or crystal tiaras, pearl crowns, or even lace crowns (they look utterly romantic and feminine!). You will absolutely love the look you can create with these accessories!

  • Boho brides. Looking for ways to adorn your hair for a casual, nature-inspired wedding? How about some dainty crystal hair clips shaped like small butterflies? Or maybe a triple band tiara with vintage touches to it that can be worn at the back of your head? Both options are equally stunning – and they will surely look amazing on you!

Have you found your perfect wedding hairstylist in Pittsburgh? Come see what eDry Bar can do for you! Contact us as soon as possible, talk to us about your wedding style, and we will make sure your hair looks FLAWLESS on the Big Day!

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